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Friday, February 23, 2007

Britney and Anna a sad tale of two losers

okay so i must be bored if i am writing on here
I wish i could be exciting or interesting so i could have some amazing stories to write on here but i don't so that doesn't quite work out now does
I can't even say that i have any interesting opinions on anything....
The world right now seems to be consumed with this whole Britney spears and Anna Nicole smith doohickey........and well i can't say that i am not. I log onto every work day and read to see what new juicy event that has happened.
I don't know how i fell about either train wreck
as for Britney well that is just stupid the girl obviously realized that she had no talent and her looks had completely gone and well she just wasted a good part of her life on this stupid man. Well i wont say that the kids were a waste cause well they're kids and leave that at that.
Since i am also 25 i can't imagine what i would be feeling now knowing that at one point in my life i had it all the fame, the million dollar contracts the handsome wealthy and talented boyfriend and instead of riding that and becoming a supper star like Christina A..........well i still had the money but lost everything else including everyones respect. I can see why she went off the deep end that would just be well completely f***ing insane.
She really missed out in all the crap behaviour that all the other starlets her age were showing off in the past few years and well now after the 2 kids she is trying to catch up and well the world is hating her for it. The whole shaving her head heard on the radio the other day if your neighbour did it you wouldn't think twice about it...but Britney Spears does it and it shows up on CNN!!! That is just i am totally lame for writ ting about it........but i already knew

I was in Mexico when i heard someone at another table say that Anna Nicole smith had died. I can actually say i felt sad for her. I think she was just a lost soul that was looking for guidance in all the wrong places. I never thought she was much of anything just another loser that found her 15mins of fame and hoped to get marshalls millions.
But like i said her death was just tragic if for nothing else for the child that will grow up with out a mother. However, i do believe that God works in mysterious ways and perhaps Anna's death was the best thing for this child

okay that is my two sense on that
have a great day

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

hi remember me

okay so i had this nice long post and then.......nothing

i think that is one of the reasons that i stoped put all this time into something and then it gone and well i usually never feel like writting again,
However, it has been a long time and i don't want to work......even though i am just got

I do visit my site everyday....not to see if there are comments or to see how many people have visited....i haven;t checked that in months......and likely i am the only one.....but i do visit my links..heheehheee

There are so many good sites that i use to visit that have either died.....the blogger lost interest in writting or something a life....boring..whatever

Others well all they do is complain about not getting comments...well suck it up crying about it isn't going to make people think oh i guess i should startdoing makes them stop reading
case and point.......friskeycacouple.....started off relly great and i checked it daily....then they well they started getting off topic and not in a good way......and then the complaining comments why do we write this wan wan wa.....i stoped reading for a few months and then went back. and still crying and threatening people to make a comment or the site would go what the hell are you thinking....why would i want to leave a comment then and what the hell would i be commenting on......i read some peoples comments..please don't go we love you...or i never commented b4 pls stay on
pity comment.......sad and pathetic.....that site is no longer up........losers

A few blogs that i read from the beginning are now "famous" of sorts.......still totally z list.....but they have been able to turn a few bucks doing this and i think that is great. the nice this is that they keep posting...gotta love the entertainment

My life has been going pretty great
We are out in the new town now....30min to tv no highspeed.....but i am happy and really that is all that really matters

i am really going to try to keep up with this agian...we'll see how it goes

Friday, June 23, 2006


okay so i am a big liar and never followed through with that post. Everything did work out for the best we have the house and wil be moving in soon.

It seems like everyday more and more sites are going down........the fear of employers reading it or stuff like that??
Who knows. I write at work but nothing bad about work. not like i am giving away company secrets or like i would know any. And i have gone off the whole naught side of ths blog. Why.....meh too many things happening to write about. and well i usally just forget or dont care and really i am the only one reading this blow so who cares right??

i am going to try and add more little items to pass the time at work...yahooo...i hope i can find some new good ones!!!

Nothing else much is new....hate the same people love the same people...wish i could kick the same people in the head no additons to any of those lists

I did have a few weeks vacation a while back......did nothing.......which sucked but oh well.

Looking to get a puppy and a dog and a cat....should be fun

stressing over everything as usuall

have an itch i can't scratch......hmmmm it...nice

thaat is about it

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Okay what's up with the wonderful title you are thinking!!

Well our realtor called and he is all, i still have not gotten anything from the BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we have until the 19th and if he doesn't send anything by then...............NO HOUSE!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY
WFT guy...Travis Bruce is just aweful. I went into see him 2 weeks ago and everything was preapproved as of tuesday last week.....and soi faxed him everything he needed and still no freaking call i call him and he's like oh i needed one extra sheet....wft why didn't he call and ask for it!!! WFT. i don't understand... you know i have never owned a home b4 and you know my telephone number and if you fucking need something then why the hell wouldn't you call me!!!!! i just don't get it.

So what happens when i get too stressed out.......wel lucky me i get sick... and not just normal sick the IBS decides to hit me and doubled over in pain.........AHHHH

Okay the realtor called me back while i was crying in my car.........said that travis is a total shit and that he is going to have the forms faxed in to him today...I CAN ONLY HOPE!!!

I"m stilll freaking out and sick...........but cross your fingers that everything works out!!!!!!!!

i'll keep you posted

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

okay so its been a while...again i know. i think i have started a lot of blogs like that lately....but then again it doesn't seem that i am the only one that hasn't been writting. In fact a lot of the blogs that i read faithfully have gone to blogger heaven. I know how they
I find that i am on my blog at lot reading links....but never why you ask.Well its like when you were a kid and you kept a journal at 1st you write all the time and then you lose interest! I suppose that is what is happening hear.....well maybe lazy is the better word. But its summer people are busy enjoying the great weather.

Things have been great between Cherry and fact.......WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!!!! WOW
I am just so happy that half the time i am jumping up and down screaming and the other half ijust want to
Its an older house it doesn't need to many upgrade and the people kept it in AMAZING don't own a i guess what else do they have to do

I think i may keep a blog on the house now too....upgrades and what have ya...just as a base so i can remember all the shit i have looked

I don't really have any kinky stories to write about. i know....what's up with i have a feeling that i am the only one that reads'm just going to keep the kinky shit to

Thursday, March 16, 2006

okay fuck this i had this huge post and then nothing....ahhhhhhh

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Okay so today I am wearing yellow
Just for those of you that wanted to I like yellow it is a very nice colour...hehehehehee

So for the past week I have been looking for a new job. one place called me back I called them back and they never returned my call...what's up with idea..just sucks...But I don't think it was something that I really wanted to do...oh well let the search slowly continue

Yesterday I was at sobeys and I was these little dinners for 1...stirfries and chicken fried rice and what have ya...but I have no idea what they were called. I usually shop at safeway so I hope I can find them there...I should be able too

At work we have to move desks which means little ole me no longer has a desk....which sucks and the big move is going to happen on a day when I am not someone will get a desk that has been here for 6 months I will get nothing. Talk about unfair...oh well I think we will eventually all get our own desks...or we shall see at least

Today I woke up to find that it had been raining all night which meant...yep you guessed it pure ice was like a skating rink...way to icy for me i'm not even going to bother t go home today cause I know I will get stuck and well I will leave that to happen as late in the day as possible

What do dreams really mean??
Last night I dreamt that my parents took my on this exotic vacation with their friends for my 25th birthday however, my mom ends up getting pregnant at 52 years of age and they forget about my birthday and tell me they no longer want me as a child. there friends rally arround me and we go on this crazy trip though the mountains. When we get back my parents have set this sea monster on me to kill me. I start to go crazy and finally my boyfriend comes to save me and my dad pays for his trip.

What does that was just crazy!!!
I have crazy dreams everynight but that one made me toss and turn all night that I don't think I slept much at all....just crazy

today is going soooooooooooooo slow at work way toooooo slow....but I guess I can't complain too much I didn't want to work and really I haven't had to do much its been that quite here. and I am almost done its 12:40 and i'm gone a 2...I can only hope that the streets are a wee bit less icy cause I HATE the icy...i'm too afraid to fall

k I will end this boring